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Do Grant County

NEWS RELEASE: “Do Grant County,” Improved & Mobile-Friendly Community Calendar Launches

(Marion, IN) April 20th, 2018: Tuesday, April 24th, is the launch of Grant County’s new & improved, mobile-friendly community calendar,!

Why is it a big deal? A countywide collaboration got together around this time last year to solve an ongoing problem of using multiple segmented calendars when finding events or sharing events. There was also a desire to prevent overlapping of larger community events. In May of 2017, was created. Many community groups latched onto the free promotional service due to its inclusivity. After one year of testing, the same team met to address small issues and make the calendar more user-friendly with a concise name, and even an app for easy use on a mobile device!

Ergo,, was born. The Grant County Economic Growth Council connected the team with two Taylor University students who had won a business plan competition for introducing an interactive employment website to connect students and grads with local job opportunities. Business Management major, Sung Kim, and Computer Science major, David Han, took on the project to enhance functionality and overall experience for the existing community calendar. They helped spearhead its name, Do Grant County, executed new branding, and got to work on improving and adding features.

As a result of their hard work, has a simplified structure, and lets you easily change, replicate, or cancel your event as desired without having to jump through hoops. The event still goes through approval based on the same guidelines, ensuring your event is not profitable or for political gain, etc. In short, is a website/app for the public to use in promoting community events and activities, and cuts out the repetition of posting them on multiple platforms in various formats. The inclusive tool also lets you search for events of broad interest through one source.

How to get the app: Add “Do Grant County” as an icon on your mobile device by going to On iPhone, tap upload icon then “add to home screen.” On Android, tap “Create a Bookmark” icon and choose “home screen” under “add to” option.

Han reflected the work was a great learning experience and he will use the gained skills when he returns to his community in Korea. However, Kim said that he wants to stay in Grant County to build relationships and be a part of the momentum he is seeing in Grant County.

If you have any questions for the Do Grant County team, email us at

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